Stonepig (stonepig!) are a rock covers band from Andover, the hub of British music. Four very talented musicians and a big lad who can sing a bit, they have been going for ten+ years gigging in and around Hampshire with their own special mixture of rock and not-so- rock covers, not playing the same as everyone else, but still playing songs that will get you up and jumping around, dusting off old memories of when you were cool and music was good, reviving old classics and making them just that little bit more special, and banging out the best rocking tunes around now, and at the same time having a bit of a giggle - coz thats what its all about isnt it really?
Check out the mighty Stonepig here!!

Snake Oil Band know how to cut a groove. Hailing from London Town this five-piece are the original and best when it comes to blues power.


Currently gigging across London's legendary venues including the iconic 100 Club on Oxford Street, Snake Oil's tight blues performances keep audiences on their toes.

Snake Oil: Keeping it Live. Check out a recent performance here


Riley K, the artist guaranteed to get you singing! With a whole new look and fresh unheard material, this is a performance you must not miss!

Riley K started performing three years ago. Since then he has been lucky enough to perform at festivals such as BBC Children In Need’s Carfest South, The Vintage Nostalgia Festival, Hampshire’s Oktoberfest, and many more.


Riley K recently released his first EP “12 am” containing 5 of his best original songs. Available for purchase on all major music platforms including Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music and many more.


Riley K has also played guitar in musicals such as Greece, Made In Dagenham, Sister Act and multiple Songs From The Shows performances.


Music is Riley K's passion, and when choosing his repertoire and writing his own music, he follows the styles of funk, jazz and blues to create a new and exciting sound of his own whilst aspiring to musicians such as John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Ed Sheeran and many more.

For more information on Riley K, visit his official Facebook page - including recent performances - here



Bugbear Promotions describe them as: "A soulful indie rock of an Elbow bent with U2 widescreen atmospherics... godly mcpudly... hence Ms Lauren Laverne is all over em like a rash (well, she likes 'em)." - and we quite like that!


The Green Embers are an established original rock band playing in and around Basingstoke, Winchester, Reading, Southampton and London.

The band plays original songs which are a mix of hard and soft, from ballads to heavy rock.

You can see and hear more here


The term “Supergroup” is much maligned, and with good reason, as most of them are rubbish. Under the Covers are no exception. Critics call them "A London-based five piece cover band who play their own upbeat take on indie, rock and pop classics from the 60s to today". The cool kids don't listen to critics, they don't listen to Under The Covers either.. Get down the front and get your groove on. No cool kids in sight.. 

You can check out a recent (ish) performance here


Accomplished vocalist Vicki Seager burst onto the scene at OffTheHookFest 2018 with an outstanding performance that got the crowd moving! Vicki is a rare talent who has a love for country music and acoustic sounds - something she is thankful to her grandfather for.


Vicki gigs regularly and is excited to be bringing her vocal talents to wider audiences, and is not to be missed!

Check out Vicki's Facebook page here for more info!

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